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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

 Drexel University Online the Future of Library Science

Drexel University’s nationally-ranked online MSI in Library & Information Science offers students transformative insight into the future of librarianship. The program focuses on the study of people, information, and technology, preparing students to work in a variety of information-intensive environments. Learn more.

Mango Languages Sprouts a Sweet Relaunch
by Woody Evans
In the world of language learning, Mango Languages is in the company of a new batch of innovators. The current crop of language-learning companies has put an emphasis on mobility (learning on-the-go) in a way that earlier generations were not able to due to technological restrictions.

Weekly News Digests
'Libraries Are Fighting to Preserve Your Right to Borrow E-Books' by Jessamyn West
Jessamyn West writes for CNN that Macmillan Publishers' new ebook-lending policy "represents yet another insult to libraries. ..."
LexisNexis Photo Contest Showcases the Dangers of Climate Change
Hannah Thompson shares the following: "LexisNexis recently partnered with Obelisk Support to tackle climate change with the first ever Global Law photography competition."
'Political Tension at Google Is Only Getting Worse' by Shirin Ghaffary
Shirin Ghaffary writes the following for Recode: "Google has had a challenging year. The company is already beleaguered by external scrutiny and criticism from politicians and the public over how it moderates content on its platforms. It's facing an antitrust probe. And at the same time, it's struggling internally to deal with rising tensions with both its liberal and conservative employees."
EBSCO Teams Up With Arkivum for Better Long-Term Access and Discoverability
EBSCO Information Services and Arkivum entered into "a strategic partnership to expand value to institutions by making their research data, institutional records and digital assets usable, accessible and optimized for the long-term."
ArtPI Uses AI to Analyze Art Collections
Sudipto Ghosh writes the following for AiThority: "ArtPI is a new interface or API driven by artificial intelligence that's poised to transform the way art gets discovered, displayed, and sold."

NewsLink Spotlight
BACK-TO-SCHOOL BASICS: Teaching Emerging Tech at NCSU Libraries
by Brandi Scardilli
Imagine that you notice a need for technical skills training at your university. You think that students, faculty members, and staffers should know how to interact with tools such as 3D printers and virtual reality, as well as understand topics such as data science and visualization, if they're going to be able to compete in our digital world. If this sounds familiar, check out what North Carolina State University Libraries (NCSU) is doing. ...
BACK-TO-SCHOOL BASICS: Turning Students Into Readers With the LightSail Literacy Platform
by Brandi Scardilli
Even if we liked reading as a kid, we all have memories of slogging through at least one assignment that just wasn't speaking to us. ... The LightSail literacy platform for grades K-12 aims to make all books entertaining and educational by capitalizing on the gamification of learning. ...
BACK-TO-SCHOOL BASICS: A Do-It-Yourself Approach to STEM Education for Girls
by Brandi Scardilli
Sylvia Aguiñaga never could have predicted that an NPR broadcast would change her life. ... Flash-forward to 2016: Aguiñaga is now serving as DIY Girls' director of curriculum, a position that allows her to create all of the STEM content that is covered at DIY Girls sessions. She makes decisions based on what she thinks the girls will enjoy doing as well as what projects will teach them the tech skills that are the organization's focus.

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