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Monday, October 18, 2010

Discover Summon™ for your library.  Embraced by more than 100 customers around the world, the Summon™ service enables a familiar web-searching experience of the full breadth of content found in library collections – from library catalogs and videos to e-journals at the article level.  In just over a year, the Summon™ service has proven there is a better and faster way to find all relevant library content and bring researchers back to library content and resources.  

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Creative Commons Releases Public Domain Mark
by Susanne Bjørner
Creative Commons recently announced the release of the Public Domain Mark, a tool that enables works free of known copyright restrictions to be labeled in a way that clearly communicates that status to the public and allows easy discovery of such works on the internet. Less than a week later, Europeana announced its adoption of the Public Domain Mark at the Europeana Open Culture 2010 Conference in Amsterdam, becoming the first major user of the mark.
New Platform, New Product Mix, New Market, New Pricing—LexisNexis Advance
by Carol Ebbinghouse
LexisNexis learned plenty from WestlawNext's debacle of a launch (which involved telling everyone about a new product while only providing it to one market, not telling anyone the price, and generally irritating librarians by promoting the new but often unavailable service directly to patrons). Instead, LexisNexis is doing it differently: It is targeting solo and microfirms with the new Lexis Advance. These are the lawyers who have to drum up their own clients and manage their own taxes, payroll, calendars, billing, staffing, and training, all in addition to practicing law.

Weekly News Digests
Edinburgh University Press to Launch Comprehensive Archive
In 2011, the Edinburgh University Press (EUP) Journals Online site will include the EUP Archive, the result of an extensive project to digitize back issues. The archive, which features the years between 1936 and 1999, will cover more than 4,000 articles from more than 370 issues of 14 journals. The print equivalent would number more than 40,000 pages from more than 165 volumes.
Full-Text Doctoral Dissertations on Middle East and Islamic Studies Available Free
The British Library's partnership project with the Chicago-based Center for Research Libraries (CRL) has now released digitized copies of 400 U.K. Ph.D. theses on Middle Eastern and Islamic studies. The project is operated through the EThOS (Electronic Theses Online) service, which The British Library runs in partnership with JISC and the U.K. Higher Education sector. The theses, which comprise U.K. postgraduate research into politics, culture, and society in the Islamic world, can now be downloaded for free via The British Library's EThOS service.
Ingram to Handle All Elements of Springer’s U.S. Distribution
Starting in 1Q 2011, Ingram Content Group will fully manage warehousing, fulfillment, and print on demand (POD) for Springer using a new model. Ingram will hold Springer's entire U.S. inventory, and Ingram will eventually transition titles to POD when it makes economic sense. All fulfillment will come through Ingram.

NewsLink Spotlight
Getting the Complete Picture With Attivio’s Active Dashboards
by Paula J. Hane
There are a few technologies for which I'm particularly grateful as an online information professional: embedded links, faceted search, and dashboards. All of them are designed to make a researcher's life easier, getting to the right information faster and easier. None of these are new tools, but I want to reflect on the growing importance of dashboards as a user interface in the information management field today. A dashboard pulls information from diverse sources and presents it in an interface designed to be easy to read, similar to an automobile's dashboard. The key difference is that users can interact with the information. The interactive nature of a dashboard lets a user move quickly from a summary view to drill down to various levels of detail and usually in easy-to-comprehend visuals and graphics. And that is just what Attivio offers with its Active Dashboard but with another key difference. The system is indeed "active." You don't have to search for information—the system pushes it to you. And, as you click on a piece of information in a window, other windows on the dashboard are automatically updated.

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