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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Looking to beat the winter blues?
Spend time at the Jersey Shore with intrepid amateur sleuth Meg Daniels!
Strangers in the Avalon Dunes book cover
Strangers in the Avalon Dunes by Jane Kelly is a new standalone mystery that pulls Meg Daniels out of her cushy housesitting job and into a missing persons case. When a young woman asks Meg to find her long-lost grandfather, Ken Patterson, Meg just can't say no. In 1977, Ken, a wealthy attorney, decided he was born too soon. He missed the British Invasion, the Summer of Love, and Woodstock. He may have missed the Sixties, but he wasn't going to miss the Seventies. So, he simply disappeared, leaving behind his wife and daughter.
Meg soon becomes convinced she's investigating a murder. Had Ken really executed a carefully planned escape from the life he no longer wanted? Meg is not so sure. His abandoned wife claims she has never given up on him, but Meg concludes that not everyoneincluding his wife—was sad to see him go.
"Strangers in the Avalon Dunes is clever, well-paced, and delightfully twisty. An engrossing mystery populated with intriguing and fascinating characters—you won't want to miss this one!"
—Lisa Regan, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling crime fiction author

 January 2023 | 284 pp/ trade paperback | ISBN 978-1-940091-12-9 | Regular Price $15.95

Order Now: Print Edition | Amazon Kindle | B&N Nook | Kobo

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Greetings From Ventnor City book coverMissing You in Atlantic City book cover
The Importance of Recognizing Disability Representation in EDI Work
by Abigail L. Phillips
In this brief NewsBreak, Abigail Phillips delves into what is often left out of the EDI discussion: disability, particularly when thinking about neurodiversity and other, often called invisible, disabilities. ... When speaking about EDI endeavors, we typically talk about gender-based, racial, and ethnic inequities—of which there are many. ... This discussion of disability and its place in EDI work is not to discount the serious and multi-faceted inequalities that exist for other marginalized communities. However, it is important to acknowledge why and how disability is often left out of the conversation when writing EDI policies and statements.

Weekly News Digests
The Library of Congress Celebrates Black History Month
The Library of Congress (LC) is marking the start of Black History Month with the introduction of a new curated web archive collection that documents the protests that occurred in response to the police murder of George Floyd, dating between June 29 and Aug. 7, 2020.
Frontiers Formalizes Platform Partnership With the World Economic Forum
Gold OA publisher Frontiers entered into a new partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) whereby Frontiers will join the forum's Centre for the New Economy and Society and help to champion open science.
Urban Libraries Council Urges Libraries to Participate in Addressing Food Insecurity
The Urban Libraries Council rolled out a new white paper, "Food Is a Right: Libraries and Food Justice," which describes the current state of food insecurity in North America and highlights the strategic role that libraries play in addressing community needs.
CCC Releases a Study of How Knowledge Workers Handle Information
CCC is unveiling key findings from "Information Seeking and Consumption Study," which is based on data gathered by Outsell.
Elsevier Encourages Submissions to Women in AI Issue of Life Sciences Journal
Elsevier's journal Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences is producing a Themed Article Collection titled Women in AI in the Life Sciences.

NewsLink Spotlight
A Librarian Looks at Oscars 2023: Blockbusters, Big Names, and Underrated Gems
by Jessica Hilburn
For 2022, the Venn diagram of movies that made money and movies recognized during awards season is excitingly larger than usual. Of the 18 top-grossing movies, five are in the awards conversation, and three were nominated for Best Picture by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It certainly didn't hurt that the release dates of these buzzy movies were spread out over the course of the year in a way we don't normally see among those with awards chatter. ...

The early release dates allowed each to grow in popularity, and most importantly, gave them a chance to get eyeballs on them for months. Getting these films into circulation at the library without a glut of competition was certainly an exciting change of pace. This spread also gives the casual movie viewer the ability to look at the nominations the morning they are announced and actually see titles they recognize. Revolutionary!

Celebrating Oscars 2023 at the Library
by Brandi Scardilli
Every year, NewsBreaks covers the Academy Awards (aka the Oscars, held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). You'd think this topic wouldn't have much to do with libraries, but a quick Google search will show that it's actually very common for them to acknowledge each year's Oscars in some way, whether by posting about the nominees on their blog or hosting movie nights or other programming. After all, booklovers tend to be movie lovers (not always, but often!). It makes sense that librarians like to call attention to the Oscar-nominated movies they have in their collections and to the books the Oscar-caliber movies are based on. As you'll see in this Spotlight, books about the Academy Awards themselves are also good options for creating programming.

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