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ITI Snap Polls

January 2014
  • Do you use BYOD (bring your own device) practices at your workplace?
December 2013
  • Do you shop more on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
November 2013
  • Do you travel overseas for conferences?
October 2013
  • Has your social media account ever been hacked?
September 2013
  • Have you ever taken a MOOC, or are you considering it?
July 2013
  • Do you read on a tablet or e-ink reader? Which do you prefer?
Jan 2013
  • Does your library have a patron-driven acquisition program? Please comment on its success.
May 2012
  • What is your preferred device for digital reading?
January 2012
  • Do you use a tablet PC? If so, which one?
October 2011
  • Which do you use: Google+ or Facebook?
July 2011
  • How do you prefer to read books?
May 2011
  • Do you think we need legislation to protect users' privacy while using mobile devices? Read about it.
Feb 2011
  • What is your preferred social networking platform? Please comment.
Sept 2010
  • How concerned are you about companies tracking your behavior on the web?
June 2010
  • In response to criticisms from privacy advocates and users, Facebook has unveiled new privacy controls. Do the changes go far enough? Please comment.
March 2010
December 2009
  • What do you think of Google supplementing its search results with real-time updates from Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

October 2009
  • Is your workplace using Enterprise 2.0 tools to enable collaboration and enhanced productivity?

    Please comment on your use.
August 2009
  • What’s your reaction to the long-awaited search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo. Please comment.
March 2009
  • Library organizations are expressing concern about the proposed Google Book Search settlement. Their concerns center on access, privacy, intellectual freedom, equitable treat
October 2008
  • How hard do you expect the ongoing economic woes to hit your organization?
August 2008
  • Does your library offer - or plan to offer -- social networking tools for users in your ILS?
July 2008
  • Do you think ProQuest will succeed in revitalizing the Dialog service following its recent acquisition of Dialog from Thomson Reuters? [READ MORE]
April 2008
  • How restrictive are your vendor licenses? Do they turn you into the "information police"?
March 2008
November 2007
  • Do you participate in any social networking sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn?
September 2007
  • Do you use "widgets" (mini-apps) or plan to? What do you think about them? [read more] Please Comment.
July 2007
  • Is your organization using wikis to unite the expertise of users located in multiple sites?
April 2007
  • Are you using Second Life (the virtual reality world) or is your library involved with it? If not, are you considering it?
January 2007
  • How do you think the recent mergers and acquisitions in the information industry (e.g., ProQuest-CSA [read more], SirsiDynix [read more], etc.) will affect library customers?



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